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The Rav Vast Drum is a steel handpan that features a unique design and sound. This handpan has a kind of steel that is specially formulated for handpans, which gives it a clear and bright sound. The Rav Vast Drum also has a resonance chamber that helps to amplify the sound and create a rich, full tone.


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Quality of the RAV vast drum

Wide Custom Options

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We offer the option of producing different sizes of glass instruments to ensure that you get the exact product you want.

· Just customize the size

Tone & note

Different tones can achieve different healing effects, this is a wide selection of tones that can be customized and our experts will help you be more professional.

·Broad, popular tones: C D E F G A B C

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I use RAV vast drumming for personal growth, self-healing and meditation. The sound of the drum is very soothing and meditative. It helps to calm the mind and create a sense of peace. I find that when I am stressed or agitated, playing the drum can help to shift my energy and bring me back into balance. The sound of the drum also has a healing effect on the body and can be helpful for releasing blocked energy. In my experience, RAV vast drumming is a wonderful tool for solo exploration and self-discovery.

How Do We Make Best Handpan Drums

In any organization or company, there are some procedures that members need to follow when producing or manufacturing an item. We have flow charted all of the processes our handpan follows before being completed.

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· Drawing handpan drum template.

· Begin with a flat piece of steel iron.

· Roll the shell.

· Cut and gas nitride the steel plate

· Define the scales and notes on the instrument and mark them on the metal.

· Prepare the handpan shell for tuning.

· Tune the handpan

·  Attaching the upper and lower shells

· Re-tune and fine-tune the handpiece several times.

· Clean and package

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Codey Joyner

Sound healer

It wasn’t until 2022 that I found this site for sound healers and music lovers, I would say here anyone can get what you want, I can share more of my experiences with Shann, from here I also learned about the factory production process, that was fun!

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Eren Hill

handpan player

I love handpan, it has made a lot of difference in my life, as a hobby and as a business, and the handpan Dorhymi supplies is unique.

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Music is a common topic of communication for people all over the world, and it’s clear that Shann and I agree. We have a lot of similar experiences. Follow the article each week to share.

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Playing a Rav drum is easy once you know how. The following instructions will help you get started.
1) Start by sitting in a comfortable position with the drum in front of you.
2) Place your dominant hand in the center of the drumhead and your nondominant hand on the rim.
3) Strike the drumhead with your dominant hand using an up-and-down motion. Be sure to use your fingers, not your palm, to hit the drumhead.
4) Vary the intensity and rhythm of your strikes to create different sounds.
5) Experiment with different hand positions and techniques to create new sounds.

What is the difference between a steel tongue drum and a handpan?

The main difference between a steel tongue drum and a handpan is that a handpan is played with the hands, while a steel tongue drum is played with mallets. Handpans are also typically made out of one piece of metal, while steel tongue drums can be made out of multiple pieces. Finally, handpans have a more mellow sound than steel tongue drums.

When choosing a Rav drum, there are many factors to consider. The size, material, and construction of the drum all play a role in how the instrument will sound and feel.

First, decide what size drum you need. Rav drums come in a variety of sizes, from small hand drums to large floor tom-sized drums. Consider the space you have available and how you plan to use the drum.

Next, decide what material you want your drum made out of. Rav drums are available in wood or metal. Wood is generally warmer sounding and more sensitive to touch than metal, while metal drums can be louder and brighter sounding.

Finally, consider the construction of the drum. There are three main types of Rav drums: hammered, lathed, and welded.

One of the best things about using a handpan for meditation is that you don’t need any prior experience or training. Just sit down, relax, and start playing. The tones will guide you into a state of deep relaxation in no time.

Many people find that regular meditation helps them cope with stress and anxiety, reduces negative thinking, and improves focus and concentration. If you’re new to meditation, handpans can be a great way to get started.

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