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This Handpan stand is perfect for both traveling and home use! It’s extremely lightweight and easy to set up, making it the perfect option for musicians on the go. The Handpan stand also features a sturdy construction that will keep your instrument safe and secure.


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Some handpan players prefer to use a stand that is specifically designed for the handpan, such as the HangStand or HandPan Stand by PANArt. These stands attach directly to the instrument, providing a secure and stable base. Other players prefer to use a general purpose stand, such as a music stand or microphone stand. These stands are typically adjustable, so they can be customized to fit any size instrument.

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Yes, you can use a snare drum stand for a handpan. Handpans are similar in size and shape to a snare drum, so a snare drum stand will work well for them. Handpans can be quite heavy, so make sure the stand you choose is sturdy enough to support the weight of the handpan.

There are many ways to sit with a handpan. One way is to use a handpan stand. This allows you to play the handpan while standing up. This can be helpful if you want to play the handpan while walking or if you want to play the handpan with other instruments.

A handpan stand is a simple device that is used to hold a handpan drum. The stand is made out of two pieces of wood that are connected by a hinge. The bottom piece of wood is taller than the top piece, and the top piece has a hole in it that the handpan drum fits into. The stand can be adjusted to different heights, depending on the size of the handpan drum.

There are several ways to make a handpan stand. One way is to use a piece of wood that is about 2 inches wide and cut two pieces that are about 18 inches long. Drill a hole in the center of each piece of wood, and then use a screw to connect them together. Another way to make a handpan stand is to use two pieces of PVC pipe.

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