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Wholesale crystal singing bowl, customize handpan tongue drum, Sound healing & meditation instruments.

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chakra design

clear with design

gold design


frosted with design

frosted with gold design

frosted crystal singing bowl with gold design

frosted with follower design

frosted with follower design

titianium plated

titianium plated crystal singing bowl

glossy matte titanium

glossy matte titanium

lacquer with design

lacquer crystal singing bowl with design

titanium plated and design

titanium plated and design

titanium plated plus lacquer

titanium plated plus lacquer

applique with frosted titanium plated

applique with frosted titanium plated

gold plated

gold plated crystal singing bowl

frosted with gold drawing

frosted with gold drawing

frosted plus titanium with design

frosted plus titanium with design

titan plated plus lacquer with design

titan plated plus lacquer with design

gold plated with design

gold plated with design

applique with frosted gold plated

applique with frosted gold plated

titanium plated with gold drawing

titanium plated with gold drawing

titianium plated plus gold plated

titianium plated plus gold plated

titanium plus gold with design

titanium plus gold with design

applique with double gold plated

applique with double gold plated

colorful frosted bowl

colorful frosted crystal singing bowl

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Different instruments give off different feelings and emotions which can be felt through the music. The importance of musical instruments is often overlooked, but they are an essential part of the enjoyment of music.


A well-rounded education is essential for students to succeed in today's world. The skills that a student learns in school set the foundation for their future career and life. One of the most important skills a student can learn is how to play an instrument.


Music is a powerful form of art that can help you relax and focus. Music has been around for centuries and it is still one of the most popular forms of entertainment. It can help us to relax and focus, but it also has many other benefits.

&Sound healing

It is often used in mind cultivation as a way to calm the mind and bring about a meditative state. It also has been shown to reduce stress levels, increase cognitive function, improve memory, increase your creativity and problem solving skills, reduce anxiety or depression, decrease blood pressure levels and even promote weight loss!

The Chakras are said to be centers of spiritual and physical energy. Our chakras are in alignment when they vibrate at the same frequency. When our chakras are out of alignment, they cause imbalance within our physical and spiritual selves.

There are seven chakra points in the human body, each one corresponding to a different color and a different area of life that needs attention.The seven chakras are the seven different levels of consciousness. We can interpret them as the different stages of our spiritual evolution.
They are all interconnected and they all have their own specific frequency that they emanate. The following is a brief introduction to the seven major chakras:

The first chakra, which is also called the root chakra, is related to our survival instincts, physical needs and basic emotions such as fear, anger and joy. The second chakra is related to sexuality and creativity and it’s frequency is orange. The third chakra relates to self-esteem, will power and confidence and it’s frequency is yellow.
The fourth chakra relates to love, compassion and tolerance; its frequency is green. The fifth chakra relates to communication skills; its frequency is blue or purple. The sixth one relates to intuition; its frequency is indigo. The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, it relates to our spiritual development and enlightenment, its frequency is violet.

practice chakra meditation

people chakra
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solution for your 7 chakra sound healing

We have a wide range of products to suit your needs. You can choose from different shapes, sizes and colors of crystal singing bowls, gongs and handpans drums.

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Wide Custom Options


We offer the option of producing different sizes of glass instruments to ensure that you get the exact product you want.

· Just customize the size


You have a wide range of colors to choose from, which will help you promote more flexibly in the market and bring some unique pieces that dominate.

·Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Green, Blue, Purple,it is up to you


You have to be flexible to respond to different needs and offer a full range of surface treatments to increase the range of your product services.

·Frosted, smooth, transparent, translucent, custom logo



Different tones can achieve different healing effects, this is a wide selection of tones that can be customized and our experts will help you be more professional.

·Broad, popular tones: C D E F G A B C


Over 1300+ Complete meditation work & Still counting

Dorhymi is constantly researching technology and design, aiming to provide a satisfactory service and make the meditation related product stand out. 

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Precision production

We offer a new level of production that is precise, efficient, and tailored to your specific needs. We have the latest technology and equipment to make your products exactly as you envision them. Our team is highly skilled and takes pride in their work. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers.

Safe packaging and logistics

We offers safe packaging and logistics for your business. We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and security for your products. Our packaging is designed to protect your products from damage during shipping and handling


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Take a look at crystal singing bowl set and hanpan tongue drum ideas we made for our customers.

Meditation is a practice that has been around for centuries. Different cultures have different names for it, but the purpose is always the same: to quiet the mind and focus on the present moment. There are many different ways to meditate, but all involve focusing on your breath or a mantra.

Some people find that meditation helps them achieve a feeling of inner peace and calm. It can also be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation has been shown to improve mental health overall, and can even help fight depression.

Sound healing is the use of sound frequencies to influence the body’s energy fields and promote healing. Sound healing has been used for centuries in various cultures for a variety of purposes, including relaxation, meditation, pain relief, and spiritual growth. Today, many people are using sound healing to treat a variety of physical and emotional issues.

There are many different types of sound healings, but all involve the use of sound waves to affect the body’s energy fields. Sound healings can be done with instruments such as tuning forks or singing bowls, or with your voice. The type of sound healing you use will depend on your needs and preferences.

Some people find that simply listening to calming music can help them relax and promote healing. Others prefer to use more specific sounds or chants that have been specifically tailored for their needs.

There are many different tools that can be used for meditation. Singing bowls, handpans, and crystal instruments are some of the most popular. Each tool has its own unique sound and vibration that can help to calm the mind and focus the thoughts.

Singing bowls have been used for centuries in meditation and prayer. The sound of the bowl is said to be harmonious and balancing, providing a space for the mind to quiet and focus. Handpans are a relatively new instrument, but they have quickly become popular among meditators. They have a deep resonance that helps to still the mind and open the heart. Crystal instruments such as tuning forks, chimes, and rainsticks are also commonly used in meditation. Each one has its own unique vibration that can help to clear away negative energy and create a space of peace and stillness.

Half a yearThere are many different instruments that can be used for sound healing. Some of the most popular include singing bowls, handpans, and crystal instruments. Each type of instrument has its own unique sound and vibration that can help to restore balance and harmony within the body. Singing bowls are often used to promote relaxation and stress relief, while handpans can be used to stimulate creativity and intuition. Crystal instruments are known for their ability to clear negative energy and promote healing.

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