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Dorhymi manufactures wind gong, Wind gong instruments are a unique and versatile instrument that offer a wide range of sound and effects to be used in music. Produced by the experts at Music Arts, these instruments provide exceptional craftsmanship with attention to detail and stunning visual appeal. Each wind gong is hand-crafted from carefully selected materials to ensure longevity, durability, and consistency of tone for years of musical enjoyment.

The artisans at Music Arts meticulously construct each wind gong with a focus on harmonious sound production. From the selection of raw material to the completion of the finished product, no detail is overlooked in their pursuit of perfection. Traditional methods are employed whenever possible during fabrication to create an authentic end result that captures both sounds found in nature as well as those desired by musicians.

Music Arts’ meticulous attention to detail can also be seen in their commitment to customer service.

Gong instrument


Gongs come in various sizes, shapes and materials such as bronze, brass, nickel silver or steel. They are often part of drum kits and can also be used as part of orchestras or other ensembles. The size of the gong will determine the pitch it produces; smaller gongs produce higher pitched sounds while larger gongs produce lower ones. When played correctly by an experienced musician, the gong can create complex harmonies which add depth and texture to any musical style.

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The Gong is a percussion instrument that has been used in music for centuries. It is made up of a metal disc or bowl-like structure with an indentation in the center and it produces musical tones when struck with a mallet. Its mesmerizing sound can be heard in traditional music from across Asia, from India and China to Indonesia and Malaysia.

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  1. Prepare the necessary materials: To make a gong instrument, you will need metal, wood, insulation material, and a hammer.

  2. Cut the metal discs: Using a sheet of metal, mark off two circles with a radius equal to one-half the desired diameter of your gong. Cut out these metal discs to serve as the main body of the gong.

  3. Drill holes for hanging: Using an electric drill with a bit slightly wider than your string, drill two holes near the top of the gong, approximately 6 inches (15 cm) apart. These holes will be used for suspending the gong with a string.

  4. Attach the insulation material: Place a layer of insulation material on the back of one of the metal discs. This will help enhance the sound quality of the gong.

  5. Assemble the gong: Take the metal disc with the insulation material and place it on top of the other metal disc. Ensure that the drilled holes align. This will create a hollow space between the two discs, allowing the gong to produce its characteristic sound when struck.

  6. Attach the string: Loop the string through the drilled holes in the gong, making sure it is securely fastened.

  7. Fine-tune the sound: To achieve the desired sound quality, you can experiment with different sizes and materials for the gong, as well as adjust the tension of the string

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7 chakra Gong instruments for healing

7 Chakra sound bath meditation

Gong for 7 chakra sound healing is a powerful method of restoring balance in the body and mind. Utilizing the resonance of seven gongs, each tuned to one of the seven chakras, practitioners are able to bring about a state of deep relaxation and inner peace. The session begins with an intention setting exercise that helps to focus the practitioner’s attention on their desired outcome. Each round with the gong lasts around 10 minutes and gradually builds in intensity as it moves up through all seven chakras. During this time practitioners can expect to experience physical sensations such as heat or tingling, as well as mental clarity and emotional release.


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The gong, an iconic percussion instrument, can be found in music all around the world. Its origin is believed to be East Asian and its origins have been debated for centuries. Many scholars believe it to either be Chinese or Japanese in origin, and the debate still continues today.

The gong has been a part of music history since ancient times and is used as a ceremonial instrument as well as for traditional rituals by both cultures. It has also been used for entertainment purposes throughout history. In both China and Japan, traditional performances often involve the use of a gong, with different techniques being used such as striking and rubbing it with mallets.

The design of the gong can vary depending on where it came from; those traditionally made by Chinese manufacturers are usually round while Japanese versions tend to be octagonal in shape.

Gongs are percussion instruments that have been used in many cultures around the world for centuries. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be made from different materials such as bronze, brass, iron, or wood. In this article we’ll look at three common types of gongs – tam-tams, suspended gongs, and bossed gongs – and explore the distinct differences between them.

Tam-tam gongs are traditionally made from bronze and produce a broad sound when struck with a mallet. The lack of any central boss on these kinds of gong means that the vibrations created by striking it spread evenly across its entire surface producing a longer reverberation than other kinds of gong. This makes them ideal for creating atmospheric effects in music or film score compositions.

Gongs can be broken into three broad categories, symphonic, planetary, and other, so that specific kinds of gongs can be subdivided into sound composition, energetic tone, wind, and a few other categories.

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