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Handpan drum bag manufacturer

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dark or customized


8 inch




5 pcs

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Application: for handpan drum

Dimensions: 8 inch

Color: dark or customized

Material: nylon cloth



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Dorhymi’s factory is located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China, a designated manufacturing base for glass products in China, with a strong supply chain and production technology. The predecessor of the factory used to produce the only glass products to the president of China. 5 years ago we established Dorhymi, meaning to create beautiful music Do, Re, Mi, to be the leader and the leader of the glass musical instrument industry, and it proved that we achieved it, supplying more than half of the glass singing bowls and handpan dealers in China, Dorhymi hopes to serve overseas music hobbyists and deliver value.

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Introducing a new concept, crystal music can take away fatigue, take away anxiety, bring happiness, bring confidence, and our mission is to make more people gain value in this small industry.

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The production process of a crystal music instrument is very delicate. The first step is to find the right piece of quartz. Once the quartz is found, it is cut and polished into the desired shape. The next step is to create the soundboard. This can be done with a laser or CNC machine. The soundboard is then inlaid with the crystals. Finally, the instrument is assembled and tuned.


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No, it won’t. Our materials are of high quality and each product is carefully inspected by professionals before packaging.

Of course you can customize, tell our staff your quantity, size, color, finish, tone and other basic information

We can make frosted, smooth, custom color, engraved

Our packaging has double protection, and you can also choose to customize your own packaging

We have 1:1 replacement for the defective product.

Or give the refund.

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