Crystal singing pyramid


A crystal singing pyramid is a unique musical instrument and healing tool made of clear quartz crystal. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also carries powerful symbolism, healing vibrations, and calming chimes. The crystal singing pyramid is known for its ability to clear and energize a large area or space, making it ideal for meditation and creating a harmonious environment. Its shape allows energy to be directed downward, making it effective for clearing household items, personal items, and crystals. The pyramid structure acts as a conductor, attracting cosmic energy from its apex and harnessing earth energy within its structure, allowing the user and listener to experience the energy with a specific intention.


3-10 pcs

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Crystals have been used for healing and meditation for thousands of years. A crystal singing pyramid is a crystal that has been carved into the shape of a pyramid. The point of the pyramid is the most powerful part of the crystal and is said to amplify the energy of the crystals around it.

A Crystal singing pyramid can be used for healing, meditation or to amplify the energy of other crystals. The pyramid shape is said to focus and amplify the energy, making it more powerful. It can be used to clear negative energy from a space or to help with meditation and relaxation.

The crystals in a Crystal singing pyramid can also be used to create healing vibrations. The pyramid can be placed on or near your body to help heal physical and emotional issues. The crystals can also be placed around your home or office to create a positive, healing environment.

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