earth tone gong

Earth Tone Gong

  1. Fundamental Frequency: The Earth Tone Gong is specifically tuned to the fundamental frequency of the Key of C#2. Among the Planet Gongs, it has the third lowest fundamental tone, producing deep and warm tones.

  2. Deep and Dynamic Tones: When played gently and with care, the Earth Tone Gong produces deep sounds reminiscent of the womb of mother earth. It has a wide range of dynamics and endless subtleties of tone, allowing for expressive and nuanced performances.

  3. Transformative Sound: The Earth Tone Gong’s sound has the ability to transform from ethereal to material realms. It is described as tangible and full, resembling the rumbling of lava inside a volcano. The gong’s vibrations create a powerful and immersive sonic experience.


3-10 pcs

Quality of the Earth Tone Gong

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Application of Earth Tone Gong

The Earth Tone Gong instrument has various applications due to its unique and powerful sound. Here are some of its applications:

  1. Sound Healing: The Earth Tone Gong is commonly used in sound healing practices. Its deep and warm tones, combined with its great dynamics and endless subtleties of tone, create a therapeutic and immersive sonic experience. Different striking techniques and locations on the gong produce different healing tones.

  2. Meditation and Mindfulness: The resonating sound of the Earth Tone Gong creates a calming and tranquil atmosphere, making it suitable for meditation and mindfulness practices. The reverberations fill the space, helping individuals enter a state of relaxation, focus, and inner exploration.

  3. Group Gatherings and Events: The Earth Tone Gong’s powerful sound can be used to create an atmosphere that brings people together. Whether in a yoga class, group meditation session, or other communal gatherings, the gong’s reverberations enhance the collective experience and foster a sense of connection and unity.

The Earth Tone Gong instrument serves as a versatile tool for sound healing, meditation, and creating a harmonious environment for group activities.

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Gongs are musical instruments that produce a unique sound. Used in various cultures, gongs can be crafted from metal or wood and are used to announce important events, mark the beginning of a ritual or set the tone for prayer and meditation. But what frequency does a gong vibrate at?

The frequency of a gong depends on its size and material used to make it. Generally speaking, an average-sized metal gong will vibrate at approximately 880 Hz when struck with a mallet. Larger gongs will resonate at lower frequencies (around 400 Hz). Wooden gongs tend to have higher pitches because their material is lighter than metal (generally ranging between 3200 – 4000 Hz).

Regardless of size or material, all gongs create deep vibrations that carry long distances.

Gong is actually one of the oldest instruments known to man, dating back thousands of years. It is an idiophone, which means it produces its own distinct sound without any added amplification or manipulation. In fact, gongs have been used as a form of ritualistic communication as far back as 4000 BC in India and China.

Gongs have been used in cultures across the world for centuries, and they are still popular today. A gong is a percussion instrument made of metal or stone that has a rich, deep sound when struck. It can be used to mark the passage of time, create suspenseful moments in a performance, or even as part of meditation practice.

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